Dual-Process MIG-STICK Welder

A unique combination machine for a quick change from
MIG to STICK welding.

Allows the user to perform MIG welding: aluminium,
steel and stainless steel.

Synergic control.

Fully automatic or manual for special applications.

Delivers maximum 300 amp in the synergic MIG mode and
180 amp in the STICK mode.

Weld up to 5/8" steel in the MIG mode or up to 5/16" in one pass with the STICK mode with no change over time.

Only one electrode cable is alive at any time, but both remain attached.

Hot start in the stick mode, plus anti-stick protection for the welding rod.

Delivers a soft, stable weld.

Internal remote drive motor switch for faster, easier wire loading.

Spool gun attachment.


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Comes complete with:
Ground cable and clamp, welding cable and gun, welding tips, nozzle, gas regulator, welding wire steel and a fuse.

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