Innovative MIG Welder for Aluminium, Steel & Stainless Steel

Synergic MIG welder designed for fleet service and light industrial fabrication and for optimum performance on both thin and thick material without sacrificing weld quality. Delivers 260 AMPS at 40% duty cycle. Comes standard with spool gun receptacle installed, no modification needed. 

Welds up to 5/8" steel, stainless steel, brass, or aluminum. 

Accomdates wire sizes from .024 (0.6mm) to .045 (1.2mm). Programmed for steel or aluminum. 

Provides digital display of percent of transformer power utilized and the output level power of volts and amp.

100% microprocessor controlled. 

Continuous, spot, and stitch weld functions available at the touch of a keypad. 

Full synergic (synchronized) control of power and wire speed in one knob on the torch. Fine tuning of wire speed on the touch pad. 

Self compensating wire drive system requires no adjustment during wire changes. Stays free from wire backlash or "bird nests". 

Choosen for its advanced technology as a major sponsor for the auto body repair competition Skill Olympics.


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Comes complete with:
Ground cable and clamp, welding cable and gun, welding tips, nozzle, gas regulator, welding wire steel and a fuse.

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