Versatile MIG Welder for Autobody Repair Shop

Designed to obtain optimum results in any welding application.
No compromise on performance quality.

Ideal for MIG welding of steel, aluminium and stainless steel. Programmed for three wire size for steel or aluminum.

Ultra fine tuning system for optimum results.

100% microprocessor controlled.

Synergic control on the handle allows precise adjustments while welding (patented).

Three welding modes: continuous, spot and stitch (standard).

Spool gun receptacle is already built in.

Patented "self-compensating" wire drive system adjusts for any wire size and prevents "bird nests".

Chosen for its advanced technology as major sponsor for autobody repair in world competition at International Skill Olympics.

Video: MIG Welding with spoolgun - UltraMig 200
The UltraMig 200 is a powerful MIG welder capable of steel and aluminium welding. Synergic control of the wire feed and current allows the user to easily control the weld process.
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Comes complete with:
Ground cable and clamp, welding cable and gun, welding tips, nozzle, gas regulator, welding wire steel and a fuse.
Spool gun & electronic welding helmet are optional accessories

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