Economic & Portable MIG Welder

This portable, compact 115 volt MIG welder has been created to make welding fast, easy and spatter free. Specifically designed for MIG welding carbon steel, aluminium and low-alloy steel with either CO2 or Argon/CO2 mixture shielding gas using solid or flux cored (tubular) electrode wires. Features AMH's patented synergic control on the torch plus fine tuning of wire speed and a manual mode on the control panel.

100-115V input and microprocessor regulated output voltage.

Synchronized microprocessor control of power and wire speed in one knob on the torch (SYNERGY).

Electronic fine tuning of wire speed plus full manual mode selections on the panel.

Compact, easy to use and light weight.

Fan cooled transformer protected from excessive
heat by thermostat. 


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Comes complete with:
Ground cable and clamp, welding cable and gun, welding tips, nozzle, gas regulator, welding wire steel and a fuse.
Cart & electronic welding helmet are optional accessories

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