Precision Aluminium Reformation Center

The service center is a mobile workbench specially designed to provide a productive workplace for the CompuSpot 180AL operator in an aluminium clean room environment.

The workbench centralizes all the operator's tools and utilities:

110V & 220V electrical outlets.

Compressed air outlets.

Front and side perforated panels for tool storage.

Welding gun & Cable supports.

Sliding drawer & storage shelves.

Scratch resistant table top coating.

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Comes complete with:
Dent puller CompuSpot 180AL
Aluminium stud welding gun with integrated ground system
Straightning bar
Safety goggles
Hand lifter
2 Finger bear claw
5 Finger bear claw
8 Finger bear claw
Stainless steel brush
Aluminium hammer & Dolly kit
Heat gun
Infrared laser thermometer sensor
Stud holder 4mm
1 unit (04.PS.18.04)
Threaded pulling studs M4x15
200pcs (
Puller mandrel 4mm
6 units (
Stud holder 5mm
1 unit (04.PS.18.05)
Threaded pulling studs M5x15
200pcs (
Puller mandrel 5mm
6 units (
Stud holder 6mm
1 unit (04.PS.18.06)
Threaded pulling studs M6x15
200pcs (
Puller mandrel 6mm
6 units (

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