AMH Canada Ltd is a canadian company established in Rimouski (Quebec) Canada since 1978, and Thousand Oaks (California) USA since 1953. The company consists of four divisions; one specialized in the manufacturing of pipe benders, portable pipe expanders and end forming equipment under the Blue Boy label, the second is dedicated to computerized welding equipment under the UltraMig, CompuSpot, and Ultracut labels, the third is specialized in the paint curing equipment under the Spectratek Infrared, UV LED & UV (HID), and the fourth is specialized in the spray gun cleaners & solvent recyclers equipment under the Ultraclean trademark. In addition, AMH maintains a substantial private label business in most product categories. All products are tested 100% for quality at every stage and level of production. 

The company's primary market is focused on the automotive industry, from car factory to collision repair. Also, the company produces specialized equipment for industrial market. AMH has enjoyed steady and continuous growth thanks to continuous research and development on new products and technologies to meet the automotive market demand. 

AMH exports 75% of its product worldwide. Customer bases exist in North & South America, Europe, Asia & Asia-Pacific, and Africa. AMH Canada has distribution in over 80 countries. 

AMH Canada Ltd markets its products throughout the automotive and industrial equipment and welding equipment distributors. Our flexible policies and innovative product are constantly adapted to the market changes in each individual geographical area. Highly dependable quality combined with the state-of-the-art-technology, competitive prices, and quick service makes us a world leader in the automotive equipment market.

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AMH maintains its own internal research and development department. A select group of engineers assisted by qualified, experienced technicians and equipped with sophisticated test equipment allows a constant development of new technology. In recent years this group was responsible for the successful development of the CompuSpot series of microprocessor controlled resistance spot welding machines, the Spectratek series of Short Wave Infrared, UV LED & UV (HID) curing lamps, the UltraMig series of synergic MIG welding machines and the UltraClean series of spray gun cleaners & sovent recyclers equipment.

New projects, such as the creation of a powerful, high frequency spot welding machine or a sophisticated MIG for specialized work on aluminium, are often the result of collaboration with strategic partners in Europe and North America who have close contact with automotive OEM's and the many shops that service and repair their products in the aftermarket.


In addition to developing new technologies and improving product performances, our engineers are constantly involved in training. Courses in operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting are given to technicians and salespersons to make it easier to understand the different functions of the product and to help solve problems on the field. 

Technical service personnel are available during normal business hours and may be reached by a toll free number 877-724-4105. Technical service is supported by an effective centralized parts supply system that assures fast delivery of critical items.
5 worldwide offices exist to answer all our costumer's needs (USA, Canada, China, France & Germany).

Customer service (Canada) :
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Customer service (USA): 
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AMH Canada Ltd guarantees not only the performance and the high quality of equipment, but their safety as well. To that end, all AMH products are fully certified by the most rigourous International standards. Certification symbols are proudly placed on each machine.

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